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 kief koekies

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Kief Koekies is very close to my heart as this company belongs to my mom. She loves baking and have many years' experience in the industry. The name was sort of a challenge... how do you come up with something fresh for cookies? And how do you turn something so ordinary into greatness? Well get your copywriter excited about cookies and  magic happens... 


We created a brand that delivers on taste with offbeat humour and homespun styling. Three Pendorings proves that our approach to koekies is the sweetest anyone’s seen in a long time!


A koekie is a koekie is a koekie, right? Unless that koekie is kief, of course. Kief Koekies is a cheeky departure from the traditional “prim and proper” image of a tuisnywerheid. With often risqué copy, Boere-chic styling and a tongue firmly in cheek.

We launched a poster campaign following the success of Kief Koekies website launch. We wanted to stay true to the brand's cheeky nature. So we launched the Want Dis Hemels poster campaign. We took recognisable images related to biblical stories involving food, the most obvious being Adam and Eve, and the temptation of the Forbidden Fruit. As tempting as the fruit, a Kief Koekies cupcake took its place. We went through every setting where food was involved, and the next obvious scene was no other than the Last Supper. The Last Supper was transformed into a feast of Kief Koekies cakes and treats. Our campaign earned us a spot as finalist in the prestigious Pendoring Awards.

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