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Babies R us

Babies “R” Us briefed Hoorah to develop a TVC that would raise awareness among new parents about their innovative gift registry system. We conceptualised a relatable idea that resonated with new parents based on a real human insight. 

Social media, friends and even family tend to share only the perfect little moments of parenthood, adding unnecessary societal pressure to new parents. The problem here is that when your bundle of joy arrives, the reality of newborn life sets in and parents often feel robbed of this perfect experience.

Admitting to the reality of parenthood – the good AND bad times – is what makes parents feel seen. Feel understood. Based on this insight, we created the Imperfect Perfect Moments campaign for Babies R Us that aimed to show the chaos of being new to parenthood, while also capturing the moments of joy within. Here’s a look at our Campaign TVC, where we reminded moms and dads to truly cherish all the imperfect moments, too.

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